Support group available for lymphedema patients




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lymphedema support group

I have been going for several months now. I was diagnosed with lymphedema by one doctor. My current doctor disagreed with this diagnosis, but finally sent me to the physical therapist at St Claires who did an evaluation she agreed that it was not lymphedema but may turn to lymphedema. I am going to get therapy on my weak shoulders, which should be paid for by the insurance as we are going to watch for signs of the condition worsening and becoming lymphedema. I think this article was too short to cover the horrors that you feel when you have been diagnosed with something. I have had cancer and it was treated successfully with radiation treatment. It was a small tumor on my nose. I read in a book that the condition spoken of in the article is a progressive, non curable disease (at least at the time of the pbulication of the book. The support group has helped me tremendously.

Delores Ele more than 2 years ago