Beiser: Ads show Rauner and Babcock’s true colors


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The only financial outcomes Rauner and Babcock care about are their own. Dan Beiser has worked hard for the people he represents. Rauner has accomplished nothing and Babcock will follow in his footsteps if elected.

Katie McPhearson 225 days ago

The Rauner/Babcock budget

Bruce Rauner and Mike Babcock agree that people in Illinois make too much money, their plan is the RTW Right to make less laws and too steal hard working public employees pensions even though they have paid into them for 30-40 years. Last year Bruce Rianer submitted his so-called balanced budget that forgot to pay into the pension funds AT ALL AND cut higher education to the point colleges would have had to raise tuition 40-50% in one year---THAT'S BRUCE RAUNER/ MIKE BABCOCKS BUDGET. That's Rauners turnaround agenda and what he calls "business friendly" and he refuses to talk budget until those things happen first.

Bob Rice 228 days ago

The real problem

Bruce Rauner has proposed only one budget since he's been Governor and it was $6 billion out of balance although he claimed it was balanced because he didn't fund pensions and cut higher education. For the last 2 years he has refused to negotiate until the legislature agrees to cut workers pay by up to 20% with the RTW laws and to take away public employees rights. He insists that he and his kind get their grubby fingers on their pensions so the next stock market crash would wipe out their future AFTER of course they make millions off the fees charged. Bruce Rauner has a 30% approval rating and the Babcock guy would be better running from, not with Bruce Rauner.

The bopper 228 days ago

Illinois Budget

Rep. Beiser voted for a budget that was $7 BILLION out of balance and he somehow characterizes that as a good thing for the people of Illinois and he is standing up?

Standing up for what? Is Rep. Beiser and his ilk going to somehow forego their gold plated pensions to the tune of $7 BILLION? Highly doubtful!

How about this Rep Beiser...Stand up to Speaker Madigan and you will be standing up for the people of Illinois. We are sick and tired of his 30 years of tyrannical rule!

Todd Evers 232 days ago

Illinois Budget

Representative Dan,

I am all for helping families with education. How do you propose we pay for the millions of dollars for the education program you are proposing?

patrick heitzig 229 days ago