Beiser on wrong side of budget vote, opponent says


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Babcock / Koch Brothers

Tea Party Mike will be getting financial assistance from the Kochs - that you can count on. Dan Beiser cares far more for the people he represents than Babkoch ever will.

Katie McPhearson 221 days ago

Notice the byline who is talking FOR HIM

Mike Babcock needs to speak for himself, we don't need some big Chicago billionaires club to be telling people about what he is supposed to want called "rebuild Illinois". The fact is Mike Babcock just stood arm and arm last week with Bruce Rauner who has proposed taking OVER $12,600,000 from local cities in Madison County alone which would cost 1,000's of jobs and devastate budgets, cause cuts in services or which would ironically force cities to RAISE TAXES to stay in business to provide what they currently provide. THAT'S CRAZY why would Rauner/ Babcock want to RAISE OUR TAXES.

Bob Rice 224 days ago