Prenzler: Conflict of interest in county’s purchasing process

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Then why don't you follow the rules

About a year ago there was a story where Kurt Prenzler refused to consolidate his web site into Madison Counties web site. When you listen to the audio of the Finance meeting he was questioned about it he said elected officials are allowed to pick who THEY WANT and apparently don't have to bid it out even though it was more than $5,000 . Immediately after he said that he was asked why his buddy the web master, who apparently he is paying $10's of thousands of dollars to wasn't bid out and that someone had offered to bid on the web site at half the costs if it were put out for bid. What this still doesn't explain is why HE and only he still costs the tax payers thousand when Madison County has it's own people doing all the other office holders and it wouldn't cost the tax payers another penny. He's like the little kid caught stealing cookies red-handed and trying to blame it on anyone but himself.

Bob Rice 332 days ago


What do you know about ethics Kurt? Considering you just cost the county taxpayers $450,000.00 because of your violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act you really have no room to lecture any other county official's ethics. Nice try though!

Kate Conrad 334 days ago