Dunstan blasts treasurer’s “deceitful allegations”


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Dunstan travel expense

Why is the County Treasurer investigating Dunstan' expense account? Isn't this the responsibility of the County Auditor? Is this being done with Treasurer dep't resources? If there was a reason to question expenses I've known Auditor Faccin for most of my life and he would be all over this.Time to stop the games.

Robert Purcell 323 days ago

Too much buddy buddy

I think the answer to your question is clear. The Madison Co. officials are not about to start questioning each others' questionable activities. Most of them are part of the Demo machine that looks a lot like Chicago. Mr. Prenzler is the only one who has recently stood up to these people.

Dunstan used his county credit card for personal purchases. The purchases included: a $314 flight for his wife to Washington, D.C.; two personal hotel nights prior to a conference Dunstan attended for $403.02; $239.60 to Bernard’s Meat Market in Troy; $200 to Kohl’s; $44 for postage; and purchases at Busch Stadium, Rusty’s restaurant, Mac and Mick’s, Laurie’s Place, Round Table restaurant and a service charge at a Napa Valley, Calif. hotel room. Why is he using his gov't card to do this even if he does reimburse for these? He should only be using his personal card for personal purchases and the government one for official business. Period.

Citizen 297 days ago