Half a Bubble: May 30, 2014



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Applause to you Jenn!'

It seems that there are many folks that don't WANT change. We have to get with the times and grow our City. Our town is not progressing, we could be like Edwarsville, we are losing people to them everyday. Something needs to be done as Alton is an amazing town and it time for it to get up to speed and become a thriving town. Our City has so much to offer, let's get the people here and make isn't destination!!!! Let Alton grow to the potential we have!!!

Lisa Erthal more than 2 years ago

Alton IS a destination!

Well done, Jen!!! Alton is my hometown and I am very proud to say that I am from this lovely city!

Connie more than 2 years ago

Maybe the right idea is in here, but very poorly stated.

Alton is not much of a destination. Changing a "mindset" doesn't change that. What will change it is recognizing it, deciding what we could do to change it, and then doing it. Telling ourselves that Alton is a destination, and getting irked at the "negativity" of those who feel that it's not, is counter-productive. Mere annoyance at those who don't want to try to make Alton more of a destination would be fair. However, this either equating "those who think that Alton is not much of a destination" and "those who don't want to try to make Alton more of a destination," or actual annoyance at people who see the current state of Alton as "not a destination" (it's hard to tell from the muddled writing.) Either way, if the main point was supposed to be that we can become a better destination: yes, that would have been a great point. Plenty of people who think Alton is not currently a destination would agree with that. Not only is dissatisfaction with current levels of Alton tourism the wrong thing to focus on, this scolding is not going to change it.

yjb more than 2 years ago


Well said, Jen! Wake up people!

Judith CLARK more than 2 years ago