Leaders call for enforcement of law to protect manufacturers




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Why isnt the Dept of Commerce being fully funded, the lack of protection for AMERICAN JOBS IS DISGRACEFUL, our own Govt is not working to protect our way of life, another instance of the BIG MONEY lobbying and allowing the Dept of Commerce ot be left inadequately funded so AMERICANS jobs will be protected, when you can truck cheap steel from Mexico all the way to Detroit for less then you can make it in Detroit, Gary or Granite city, thats state sponsored dumping and the business consumer whose buying this steel is a traitor to American factory workers. Its happened all over America, NAFTA brought about by BILL CLINTON, and now TPP will further decimate AMERICA, when do we take a stand for our way of life and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Greed and Profit for a few is ruining the lives of the many, Greed is not good for Granite City, Pittsburgh, Detroit or Gary, American citys being destroyed by GREED.

Don Lanier 328 days ago