Letters to the Editor: August 19, 2016

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Let's do this

If you are going to complain about property taxes, let's fix it. Illinois' property taxes are high because our income tax on the ultra rich is so low. A couple elections ago the tax payers passed an advisory issue that said raise taxes on the rich and use that money exclusively to cut property taxes by funding schools with it. The overwhelming part of property taxes are for schools and this one simple, already tax payer approved measure could cut property taxes in half. Ironically your statement about Illinois spending is one of those urban legends, in fact Illinois is one of the lowest spending states per population in the country. The very conservative Tax Foundation rates Illinois at 23rd, almost right in the middle for business climate in contrast to your statement on businesses in Illinois. Just because you have chosen to repeat several political talking point fibs, doesn't make it true. The biggest drag on our economy now is the Feds used the sequestration and cuts dragging down the national economy and cutting spending in the state like you say would completely cause the States economy to collapse. We have seen this picture before in Kansas and they are in free fall right now with your economic plan.

The Bopper 152 days ago