Letters to the Editor: March 9, 2016

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capitalism versus socialism

Republicans support capitalists. Capitalists support themselves and only care about their profits and power. Democratic Socialists care about all of us. You know, through social programs like Social Security, Medicare, Public schools, affordable healthcare for all, etc. Capitalists want less government, that means less clean air, clean water, clean food, safe jobs, less social programs. I will take Socialism over greedy, selfish Capitalists and their political supporters, the Republicans. Democrats care about clean air, clean water, safe jobs, equal pay for women, women's rights, the middle class, the working poor, all of us. I will take Democrats. I will take our Democratic government overseeing our Social Programs rather than the Republican/Capitalist's two-class system where they trickle on us. It amazes me that Republicans who accept the benefits from the social programs don't care where they come from or who support them, but they take the benefits anyway and vote against those who support them.

Don Ogle 316 days ago