Off The Top of My Head - January 22, 2014



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Hey Joe,

Congratulations on your wedding, new baby girl, and columns. [We haven't connected in years, which explains the lapse in heart-felt best wishes.]

In any case, I'm looking through "A Short Account of the History of Mathematics" by W. W. Rouse Ball, which I like very much (available gratis at Gutenberg.)

What do you think Prof. Phillips (Emeritus, surely) at SIU-E would think of this book? Or what do you think for that matter?

I'm thinking of using parts of it in home schooling my 14-year old son (History + Math), but need to make sure it's not inaccurate.

BTW, give us a call sometime (917-8080). We've never met your wife or little girl!!!!!

Best wishes,

Mike & Monika Henkhaus

P.S. Sorry I contacted you through a work outlet, but the Internet and Facebook suck for 100% surety.

Michael Henkhaus more than 2 years ago