Off the Top of My Head: September 11, 2015



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Cecil the Lion's Death

I never read your articles before and never will again. Apparently you think you are clever but Cecil's Death is no joke. He was lured with a dead antelope out of a "protected" area and cruelly killed by a fool who couldn't even aim well with a cross-bow. Then after 2 days of pain he is finally blown away with a gun that shoots a load like a cannon. This man is no "sportsman" . Hes simply a sick inadequate male who feels macho when he kills a large animal for no reason other than his impotent ego, and has the money ($50,000+) to enable him to poach a very special lion with no knowledge of the effect on the pride. I hope he is prosecuted as a poacher to the fullest extent of the law. He should spend some of his wealth on a penile prosthesis.

Janet Kolar more than 1 year ago