Dunstan accuses Prenzler of deflecting verdict attention

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Dunstan responds

How did the Fred Bathon debacle occur in this ethical Dunstan Administration?

Iron Mike 337 days ago

Easy to answer

When Kurt Prenzlers answer to everything he does wrong is that an elected official can do what he wants and doesn't have follow the rules, because he believes he is exempt form the rules, it's easy to see why Bathon got away with things like he did and Mr. Prenzler continues to do so. Question is why aren't elected officials held to the same standards as the employees in their offices. That seems to be the weak link that needs fixing.

The Bopper 336 days ago


I'm just curious as to why Prenzler supporters continue to bring up Bathon, after Mr. Bathon has served his time in jail for his misdeeds. Do they think because Bathon was corrupt it's okay for Prenzler to be corrupt also? Most of us would prefer an honest treasurer. We didn't have one with Bathon, and we don't have one with Prenzler.

Seriously? 335 days ago