Secret Diner: June 10, 2016

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Robert Purcell

I have to agree with you after reading this week's entry in which the Secret Diner states:

The restaurant reviewed last week was Madison’s Tea Room and Banquet Center, 144 E. Ferguson Ave. in Wood River, right next door to Big John’s Cuban Cafe. It was a lovely experience! -

The last line of the review above states that the food made it a less than pleasant dining experience. So which is it? You sure didn't do the Madison Tea Room any favors with this review.

Katie McPhearson 210 days ago

Secret diner

If the reviewer was accurate the food really underperformed,if you rate it 4 or 5 stars you are not much of a critic.The paper needs someone who is more accurate as you,as demonstrated,are not up to the task.That includes your regular companion.

Robert purcell 224 days ago