Transition hard — but needed — for a cleaner, brighter energy future



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Transition to Clean Energy

As a Godfrey resident, who cares about seeing a successful transition to clean energy for all parties concerned, I would like to thank you, Elizabeth, for the consistent work you have done and are doing to help promote this desperately needed transition ... Being very concerned about the rapidly accelerating Climate Crisis - I am convinced that an expedited transition to clean renewable energy - is crucial ! We have gone far too long not adequately heeding the dire warnings that climate scientists have been giving for DECADES ... The transition you speak of in this article, is an example of the kind of nitty gritty process that must happen in order to flesh out, at the local level, a realistic response to the tremendous threat we are facing ... The time for action is upon us ... The decisions we make from here on out - together with similar decisions of others from around the world - will have major implications not only for us locally, but for the future survival of civilization as we know it ...

Robert Pashos 130 days ago