Hunger not limited to season of giving



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Jennifer Hightower's article on hunger...

Ms. Hightower, thank you so much for your article of February 8th - taking the time to call attention to the plight of hunger in our area! This year, I will serve my first year as President of the Board of Directors for Crisis Food Center - the yellow building you described in your article. Every day, I ponder on the responsibility I feel in trying to increase community support in our mission to serve our less fortunate neighbors.

Crisis Food has been around since 1977, and we have always been favored with tremendous support from our community. For that, we are truly grateful. However, over the last three years, the need has increased drastically. Our demographics reflect a 21.4% increase in food orders provided to those who come to our center. During 2013, we provided 10,602 food orders, or an average of about 880 orders per month. Clients can come once per month - so that is nearly 900 households per month who needed help with securing food - one of the basics of life - for themselves and their families. This increase has put a tremendous burden on all social service agencies in the area. At Crisis Food, we provide a 5-day, nutritionally-balanced supply to each client. However, my heart always ponders - "So, how do they make it through the rest of the month?"

I decided to take this opportunity, in our new local newspaper, published by one of Crisis Food's strongest supporters - to plead with business, community, church, and organization leaders - if you aren't already involved, please get on board with us. Our neighbors need our help - Our Neighbors need Your Help. If Ms. Hightower's article tugged on your heartstrings even just a little, please make that belated resolution, and step to the front of the line.

I sincerely appreciate this opportunity to comment on your article. We at Crisis Food are open to ideas and suggestions for ways to increase donations - both in-kind and financial - to all agencies like ourselves who are seeing the growing need in the Riverbend communities.

I would love to hear from anyone who has an idea, would like to volunteer, would consider helping with a fundraiser, or might be interested in a seat on our Board. I can be reached via e-mail at mbrandCRISISFOOD@YAHOO.COM.

Thank you again for your support.

Mary L. Brand, Pres.,Crisis Food Center, Inc. more than 2 years ago


I am in a bind. I am on Supplemental Security Income(SSI) and have no other income other than a small stipend from the state. Food allotment and medical are included. This is my only income that comes with any regularity. Many people also get a check from what is called SSDI, but to get that one has to have worked at a job that paid into Social Security for a certain length of time. I do not qualify for that. My income does not stretch far enough. For about 21/2 weeks each month I have no food stamps and have to give up other necessities or borrow to buy food. I have multple conditions some of which require specific dietary restrictions. High blood pressure, chlerstoral and dieabetes concerns. I have gotten food from Crisis Food Center for several years, which is good to stave off hunger for awhile, but unfortunately, no thought for any dietary restrictions is given in the food centers around the area. The boxes contain mostly bread and sweets even for single people with no children, we are given more often than not lots of hotdogs, mac and cheese and other favorites for children and cake, pies and other items with tons of sugar in it. I also have a chemical sensitivity/allergy to sweeterners especially artifical sweeteners that I cannot use. I know with the amount of need and time it is hard to take the time to fix boxes for people with special dietary needs, I stopped going to the food pantries to stretch out my food for the period of the month (between the food allotments, not a calendar month) and am struggling with my budget for the rest of the month since I have to take money from other necessities to get what I need at the time. I just wanted you to know that this problem also exists as food that people watching their restrictions in diet tend to be much more expensive than most foods, and the foods given tend to be the cheap foods.
Delores Ele

Delores Ele more than 2 years ago