Prenzler making baseless accusations to score political points



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The irony of Prenzler

It's ironic that Kurt Prenzler went to St. Clair County to have a news conference about his "investigation" of St. Clair County. His insinuations, not based on any facts only insinuation, border on accusations of criminal conduct were "lawyer-ed up" to not step across the slander line to make his political pony show news. The irony of it is he violated the ethics law by using his office, equipment, employees, and tax payer paid time to run this pony show of his insinuations and then LIED ABOUT IT. He initially made statements that he hadn't used these tax payer paid mechanisms for his investigation but a local reporter showed him they had proof otherwise and Prenzler changed over to a " I didn't know we did it wrong" and then a "it's my job to investigate" other people (apparently with the last name of his opponent only) defense. Clearly he has violated the Madison County ethics code since under no law or policy or rule does Prenzler have the right to do political "investigations" in places he has no authority on tax payers time and then LIE ABOUT IT. Prenzler spent the last election stating that Frank Miles was a criminal even after the States Attorney, a special prosecutor, and apparently the U.S. Attorney told him otherwise. He will literally say anything, do anything, and attack anyone who gets in his way. If that's how people want to have their office holders act, then I'm guessing ugly is an understatement in the future.

Bob Rice more than 2 years ago