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Newspaper Delivery

I signed up for and paid for a year subscription but never received the paper this past weekend. Were some other people also missed.

Kris more than 2 years ago

Newspaper delivery

Please call our office tomorrow between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please ask for Barbara, she will be happy to assist you and get this immediately resolved! We apologize for any inconvenience!

Leigh Ann more than 2 years ago


Please publish a daily paper. The telegraph is almost done and I want something I can read. Best of luck.

Bonnie Harris more than 2 years ago

Daily Paper

Distributing daily breaking local news to you via newspaper is too slow. We're building our website to replace the printed daily newspaper. Stay tuned...

AdVantage News Staff more than 2 years ago


Best of luck to you!

Tom Walter more than 2 years ago

No papers

Was excited to see first edition drove to Casey's and Walgreens both said never received any wasted time and gas! What happened?

Mo more than 2 years ago

Single Copy Sales

We delivered copies to 40,000 houses throughout our Greater Alton area last night and this morning. Next weekend, they'll be available in stores.

AdVantage News Staff more than 2 years ago

Far Right

Far right guy in the Minnesota hoodie! That'll get my husband's attention.

Angel more than 2 years ago

Sounds Interesting...

Looking forward to how this develops. I like the AdVantage and read it religiously. (I see that you don't want me to do that...) Glad to see Dan in the group. John, you may want to give up the athletics now, (you look like a football player to me) and start thinking about how you can make a living...good luck on this project.

Judy Loyd more than 2 years ago


"Start thinking how you can make a living" Had a hardy laugh at that! I guess either you're being sarcastic or you really don't know who John Simmons is.

Tom more than 2 years ago

Good Luck

Heard about you from my daughter, Sue Bayer. I wish you all the best in this new endeavor.

Carole Ann Fischer more than 2 years ago


That's awesome! Best wishes for AdV news

John Naguib more than 2 years ago

thank you

Thank you John for your belief in your community and realizing the importance of
binding us all together. We have waited a long time for this!

Susie Pruetzel more than 2 years ago


As you once said to me, you strive to be the best you can be...and you've never disappointed!

Cathy A. more than 2 years ago


Best wishes for your endeavor!

Linda J Miller more than 2 years ago