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Frank Sr. treated my mother for headaches back in the 70s when all the other doctors of the day used tranquilizers and anti-depressants. As a child I watched Dr. Bemis treat my mother with kindness, understanding, and chiropractic treatment. I witnessed someone that was obviously overmedicated by the MDs of the day become someone headache free through chiropractic care. I witnessed nothing short of a miracle to my young eyes. 8 years later I entered pre-med and 4 years after that I entered chiropractic college. I wanted to be like Dr. Bemis. I wanted to care for people in pain. I wanted to witness miracles.
The Bemis Family and the Chiropractic community at large have shown me nothing but kindness and mentoring. As I enter my 25th year in practice I applaud the Family that stands for care and health in the Riverbend Area.
Forever grateful
Dr. Andrew Woulfe

Andrew Woulfe more than 1 year ago