Treasurer, chairman spar over investment report



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I get it

So you refuse to talk with those people and then you claim they didn't talk to you---typical politician. How about this one--FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES YOU POSTED ON YOUR WEB SITE. To purposely disregard YOUR OWN RULES OF INVESTMENT and then claim anyone who points out YOU ARE VIOLATING YOUR POSTED RULES OF INVESTMENTS, is against you. My grandma walked into one of THE SAME banks you "invest in" and got 300% higher interest than he did and they fall inside of YOUR RULES OF INVESTMENT---POSTED ON YOUR WEB SITE. There's only 2 choices here, either Prenzler is EXTREMELY INCOMPETENT or he's giving gifts of money to the banks he puts OUR---OUR---OUR money in so they can make higher profits off our hard earned money. He thinks ALMOST getting 1/3rd or 1/2 of 1 percent is a good investment. If he were in the private sector he'd be on food stamps by now instead of earning MORE THAN $100,000 a year, you'd think for that kind of money he could a least be smart enough to take PROFESSIONAL ADVICE instead of whining like a baby that someones picking on him.

Bob Rice more than 1 year ago