Democrats slam GOP’s “fake” news sites




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They HAVE to lie

When you look all the way back to Nixon, the ONLY WAY republicans can win is to lie. Nixon caused the death of 30,000 American soldiers in Vietnam by lying about Humphrey and then committing TREASON by keeping the Vietnam War going (as admitted by George Will today), to George W lying about weapons of Mass Destruction and committing War Crimes which killed another 4,000 Americans, 100's of thousands of Iraqi citizens, AFTER he let terrorists kill 3,000 New Yorkers and then blame Obama for not staying in Iraq and OH YEAH, not remembering Obama actually got the got who killed the New Yorkers, to the current crew who attack Obama with a litany of LIES like Death panels, he wasn't born in America, he's a secret Muslim, a dictator doing what he wants, an ineffective President who does nothing, a Communist for keeping insurance companies from denying Americans health care and to even though he has gone on vacation only 10% of what Reagan did, as being out of Washington too much. If people actually listen to Mike Bost he wouldn't get 10% of the vote, if they listen to the constant LIES, who knows, we apparently like being lied to or so republicans believe we do.

Bob Rice more than 2 years ago