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I'll take Beiser

over Mike Babcock any day. Babcock is correct - Dan Beiser is a very moral, ethical, conscientious public servant who has worked hard for the people he serves. For Babcock to say that Dan Beiser's greatest achievement is voting for Madigan 5 times is absurd and just goes to prove that Beiser is far more honest and ethical than Mike Babcock will ever be.

Just Say No 151 days ago

Couple of questions

Since Mike Babcock has become a disciple of Bruce Rauner and is proud to be with him, does he support Rauners bid to take millions from local cities and counties, which would force them to either lay off hundreds of workers or raise taxes.
Does Mike Babcock support Rauners attack on middle class workers with his Right to work for less laws, does Mike Babcock support Bruce Rauners taking away Firemen, Policemen, and public workers right to bargain for wages and benefits. Does he support Rauners taking millions from colleges, forcing them to raise tuition on millions of Illinoisans. We're waiting for the answer Mike.

Bob 152 days ago

Couple of questions for Bob

Bob: Do you support Dan Beiser and Mike MAdigan's plan to raise our income taxes by 70%? Do you support the fact that Dan Beiser has never voted for a balanced budget? Do you support the ridiculous pensions that the legislators like Dan Beiser gets, while he fails to fund state employees' pensions? Do you support the corrupt workers' compensation plan in Illinois that has our rates 3-4 times those of Indiana? How does Dan Beiser plan to pay for all of the reckless spending over the past few decades?

Dave West 151 days ago

Questions answered

The only alleged income tax that's floated is on people who MAKE OVER---MAKE OVER $200 an hour. Now you might be hanging with that crowd, but 99% of us don't and I DO support the Millionaires tax that a super majority of Illinoisans approved back in 2014. The 70% increase is apparently a fantasy of yours, as usual not based on FACTS. THE GOVERNOR--YOUR GOVERNOR in his one and only budget proposal failed to put in ANY pension payments and violated the Illinois Constitution by doing so---INCONVENIENT FACT I know.. As far as worker compensation, you need to get your 1990's information updated, as recently as LAST YEAR Illinois workers comp on industrial jobs was LOWER than either Indiana or Wisconsin. Now I KNOW---FACTS are inconvenient for folks like you, but ignoring FACTS doesn't make them go away.

Bob Rice 151 days ago