Fired firefighter files suit



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How Interesting

The Schrimp family are certainly no strangers to fires. Interestingly enough there have been fires at their business' and they then got on television to proclaim how thankful they were for the publics offering prayers for them. After the fires the family built bigger facilities with the insurance proceeds one can assume. SO then we can assume, according to the Schrimps, prayer works when it helps them, yet when others suffer the same plight they, the Schrimps, seek vengeance upon them. Interesting people to say the least.
One thing though next election remember if you are in Dwight Kay's district that the Schrimps contributed heavily to his campaign. Think on that when you decide to make your election choice

Patriot more than 2 years ago

never volunteer

Must be why in the Army they say never volunteer for anything.

volunteer alway more than 2 years ago


I am sure this is not the only reason he is being terminated and positive they have had issues and this was just the tip of the iceberg. He is known to not being able to hold a full time job down and this just clarifies it. Sad really that he wants to sue but not surprising everyone is so sue happy, pathetic really! Hope he is ready to explain in detail how he SAVED two people when they was already outside, loved to hear that story.

robin smarty more than 2 years ago


Awesome being criticized by someone that can't spell.

The Dude more than 2 years ago


Yeah auto correct sucks!

Robin smarty more than 2 years ago


I want to see what the out come is . Im sure a lawyer wouldn't take a case if their was any doubt that it was not legit . Robin If he has such a bad work history why would this company hire him ????

Craig Walls more than 2 years ago

old acquaintance

I think you are thinking of the wrong person Make sure you have your facts straight

Local ff more than 2 years ago

State Law....maybe...

This is the state statute protecting volunteer firefighters. Key word is volunteers. Hopefully he is a volunteer guy because if so hes good as gold!

Matt Preston more than 2 years ago


How this person feel if it was his house on fire and one of his loved ones stuck in the burning building and all the firefighters said; oh sorry we all have to get to work we can't put out your house fire. People just don't get it someday I am telling you. I really don't know what this world is coming to. I mean his boss could easily confirm if he was at the fixer or not because the chief has to keep record of all who show up for a call

L. Niehaus more than 2 years ago

Absentee Problem?

wondering if he had a history of absenteeism or just a uncaring employer?

DCB more than 2 years ago


He should not have been fired especially if they knew he was a voluntary fireman, even if he wasn't he should have been praised by his employer.

Yvonne Clark more than 2 years ago

This Man should be given Support from Everyone

How stupid can employer's be, this man volunteers to help others in a crisis and save lives. I am speechless at the employer's actions. Justin thank you for being there when someone needed you, you set the bar.Others should see the commitment and sacrifice you make for your community and to life.

James Northcutt-Swain more than 2 years ago

How will this hold up...?

He may be a great guy and what he did saving those people and risking his own life is honorable but he's a volunteer firefighter. At the end of the day he was late for work, the job he gets paid to do. Unless he had some prior agreement with his employer regarding his position as a volunteer firefighter, I just don't see how the lawsuit could hold up in court. That may sound harsh...I'm not a lawyer...maybe there's more to the story...?

Jan more than 2 years ago

I hope he gets his job back

Employers hold jobs for employees who fight for their country---this man was giving all he had to save the lives and property of someone right here. God bless him.

JABerry more than 2 years ago

Volunteer Emergency Worker Job Protection Act.

(50 ILCS 748/5)
Sec. 5. Volunteer emergency worker; when termination of employment prohibited.
(a) No public or private employer may terminate an employee who is a volunteer emergency worker because the employee, when acting as a volunteer emergency worker, is absent from or late to his or her employment in order to respond to an emergency prior to the time the employee is to report to his or her place of employment.

Fred more than 2 years ago

winter emergency worker job protection act

Fred, you hit the nail on the head, except I believe you were arguing that they couldn't fire him. While the law would protect him had he been on duty for his shift, the fire was the previous day on the 30th and the shift he was late for on the 31st. Of course, I would say the times make a difference to but I don't know those.

Ryan more than 2 years ago

Late on same day as fire

The article states that he was fired on the 31st for being late on the 30th after the fire in the morning of the 30th. He was late on the day of the fire, not the following day.

Jamie more than 2 years ago


I think you are confusing yourself. He was fired on the next day (the 31st) for being late the day before (the 30th) which was the same day as the fire (the 30th). Who said anything about the "following day"? He clocked in at 9:12 a.m. on Jan. 30. Chris Donohoo, of The Donohoo Law Firm P.C. in East Alton, who is representing Wilkinson in the complaint, said Wilkinson was scheduled off from work on Friday, Jan. 31. He said HWRT called Wilkinson at about noon and allegedly fired him because he showed up late the day prior.
I am not sure what your comment was intended to dispute....

Scott Hale more than 2 years ago


Justin is an awesome man who thinks nothing of himself but gives whole heartedly to others!!!! You got this and I for one will support you!!!

Lisa more than 2 years ago