GOP lauds ruling on property tax cut referendum

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Not a CPA strikes again

Kurt Prenzler can not audit Madison County because he's not a real licensed CPA. What Prenzler did is find a quirk in an old law (that no longer exists) that allowed him to call himself a CPA because he took a class in another state and passed their school test 20 years ago but NEVER EVER passed Illinois CPA test. That's like me taking a course online and declaring I'm a preacher and all my properties are now tax free. He has NEVER been a licensed CPA and for that reason he can only speculate Madison County has a surplus, it would violate the rules for him to actually audit Madison County because he's not licensed to and base his findings on that audit. It's amazing how many people still believe this guy knows what he is talking about. He has cost Madison County more than he'll ever save and he now wants to get rid of 50 middle class jobs for politics only. Keep your .50 cents a month Prenzler it ain't worth the damage it will do.

Carol 192 days ago

They just have to have debt and deficits

There tax cuts for the rich have caused the U.S. to have a $19 TRILLION DEFICIT , Rauners hostage holding in Springfield has Illinois debt at $9 BILLION this year. Now our local republicans insist they want to be like the Big boys.

Bob Rice 192 days ago