Governor’s agenda goes local




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Rauner the radical

Bruce Rauner is attacking people in the middle class who IF they work really hard, can make in one year what Bruce Rauner makes in 2 hours. The EXTREME RIGHT in this country make fools out of middle class people who vote for them by doing these kind of things under the Orwellian words of alleged freedom to make less and less and tell them it more and more. How naive to we have to be to even pretend what he says has anything to do with what happens when he does it.

Bob Rice more than 1 year ago

Two fold agenda

Rauner is trying to accomplish two things. Eliminate the unions as a funding source for the Republican opposition and reduce the income of the middle class. As the strength of unions has been diminished over the last 50 years, incomes (when adjusted for inflation) have been reduced. If you were to break incomes down into 5 groups, only the top 20% have seen actual income growth when adjusted for inflation. Sadly, during the great recession only the top 10% have actually prospered while the other 90% have seen their incomes fall. Govenor Rauner please do not make us another right to work for less state...that has not helped Mississippi, Alabama or other states with Right to Work....

Kevin Schwab more than 1 year ago

Gov Rauner's agenda

This will effect everyones pay if they are successful. There is a reason why they would "save 20%" by cutting wages for all no matter if you are in a union or not. This will have a ripple effect through all jobs. As workers leave jobs for higher paying jobs those lower paying employers have pressure on them to raise wages to retain workers with experience. With a reduction at the top there is less incentive to raise wages all the way down the pay scale. This is a very poor economic plan for Illinois. To take wages out of families hands means less spending in your local economy, not more!

Kevin Stuby more than 1 year ago