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A concern

Helping out young ladies with free prom dresses is great, but I regret to tell you that USAgain has drawn a storm of criticism for disturbing reasons.

1) Reports going back a decade suggest that the for-profit company, to quote one TV news investigation, “... routinely pretended to be a charity so business owners wouldn't ask for rent on the bin space.”

2) The EPA does not say “Americans throw out 85% of their clothing…”. EPA data pertains ONLY to clothing estimated to have avoided the dump and to have been *recycled* into new things like rags and insulation. That means EPA doesn’t track the vast quantities of clothes we give away for *re-use* to family, churches, and clothing resellers. So it’s likely that most old clothes going to landfills are stained, torn and otherwise unwearable. Folks need to know that many clothing resellers now accept tattered oldies — if dry & odorless.

Meanwhile, USAgain and others are causing wearable clothing donations to dwindle at local charities across the U.S. This raises the concern that there aren’t enough of these better quality items to support all the groups collecting them, despite USAgain’s assurances to the contrary.

3) Worse, Danish prosecutors link USAgain to an alleged cult called the Tvind Teachers Group. Five leaders of the group are Interpol fugitives wanted in their native Denmark in connection with a multimillion-dollar tax-fraud and embezzlement scheme.

The Teachers Group (TG), the controlling body of the broader Tvind organization, is a political cult based on communist ideology. TG leaders control their followers to an alarming degree, ex-members say.

Self-described humanitarian programs run by Tvind-linked groups have been criticized by former volunteers as being ineffective, culturally insensitive, environmentally unsustainable and even abusive toward volunteers.

Tvind’s “schools” around the world have elicited complaints from former students, with allegations ranging from low standards of “training,” to dire living conditions, unreasonable work hours, bullying and even a “cult-like” atmosphere. Some also claim they were required to beg for money on American or European city streets and were exploited as free labor benefiting TG-owned businesses.

Most shockingly, young TG members and Tvind participants have over the years reportedly been raped, injured or killed during ill-advised land and sea excursions. In many of these tragedies, the victims’ families directly blamed senior Tvind officials for knowingly endangering the youths. Tvind has never admitted wrongdoing.

Sound like a group you'd care to support? You are by giving your stuff to USAgain, if Danish authorities are correct. Support legit, local charities instead. Thanks for the chance to express my opinion.

Google search:
Local Mayor Wants Red Bins Out Usagain in Seattle

[When this report aired in 2009, USAgain’s bins were red & white, not the current green & white appearance. Click ‘Show more’ under video for more info]

Wade Larsen 318 days ago