Group to host bowling scholarship fundraiser

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Bowling scholarship

In the 60's Dave Connors and myself integrated Bowl Inn in East Alton.I knew Dave from his employment at Acme Bowl where I bowled as a teenager.It was a Sunday and we needed a 5th bowler and Dave agreed to join the team in a pinch.Leroy Harrison was incensed as he told me blacks weren't allowed but let us bowl anyway I wasn't a pioneer but Dave was and he had no fear of reprisal as my father Bob Purcell was on the team and it was during the daylight.The funny thing was in the subsequent years black bowlers were not only welcome were the life blood of the weekend sweeper tournaments.Some of the bowlers who were black back in the 60's were Ed Smith.Tom Scott,Bobby Collins Sr.,Al Charleston,L.D. Kelley,Dent Harris,among others.They could form almost unbeatable teams and I enjoyed the association.Perhaps Don Huber Jr. Could celebrate these men with a history lecture since he is my cousin I would love to take part and travel for the occasion.

Mike purcell 258 days ago