IDOT looks to improve safety on Great River Road

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Don't forget the bike path

My wife and I rode the bike path last weekend starting at Alton. The first part of the path - the part before the beginning of state maintenance - was severely neglected, with weed growth so bad on the sides it was like riding singletrack. In a couple places someone had put boards down where the mud runoff from the bluff created a slimy hazard. Is this the best we have for "one of the treasures of the state?" See, I didn't even mention the restroom facility that obviously cost thousands of dollars and is now barricaded from use. I'm old enough to remember doing Alton's "Ride for Pride" bicycle fundraiser on the River Road. If finances are the issue, maybe it's time this ride gets resurrected.

Mark 122 days ago

re: Don't forget the bike path

You bring up some great points! Thankfully, the last sentence of the article above states "In October, IDOT will be removing brush and making repairs to the surface to the Sam Vadalabene Bike Trail." This is way overdue. I agree, that bike trail is in sorry shape, and used to be very popular when it was usable. A year ago last May, local resident Carol Admire was killed while bicycling on the shoulder of the River Road by Stanka Lane, along an area where there is a bike trail separated from the highway. I can't help but wonder if she would be alive today had this bike trail been properly maintained. I, too, remember riding in the Pride bike-a-thons when I was a young boy. I was a board member of Pride when they decided to stop doing them. They were a fundraiser for Pride, but participation had fallen to a level so low that they barely broke even on the event, and it took a huge amount of volunteers to run it. I think if we can revive some hope in our future among local residents, some of the general pessimism and apathy will lift, and we'll be able to once again have nice events such as this.

Scott Dixon 122 days ago