Illinois State Police set sights on enhanced enforcement next month


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Dont ever let them think they are concerned for your safety

Seat belt laws are NOT for your safety, they are a "gateway" to your private property.

These are revenue stops first, enforcement stops second.

This state is bleeding money and they need all they can get.

you aint pulling the wool over my eyes 139 days ago

Unconstitutional police roadblock

Police roadblocks stopping mostly innocent drivers with no warrants and no probable cause to believe any particular drivers have done anything wrong are an outrageous violation of Fourth Amendment rights. The Supreme Court case that allows these unconstitutional roadblocks for mostly innocent drivers was wrongly decided and should be changed. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

James C. Walker 139 days ago


I do not mind roadblocks, they take unlawful drivers off the road, make parents put their children in safety seats, distracted drivers more aware. I do not fear nor mind the stop, I am not driving drunk, have no warrants, use my seat belt and am not distracted by my phone, but PLEASE ticket the ones who do. We should respect out Highway Patrolmen, they do an awesome job!

Patricia Hooper 139 days ago