Job losses shake Olin employees



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Sinking companies

There seems to be a lot of companies leave or downsizing in Illinois. It's all over the place. And the politicians are wandering why people are moving out. Maybe the should stop being the greedy one's first.

GC Steeler 352 days ago

Makes sense

The move to downsize workers in illinois makes good sense to me. Heck, if I had to make the choice, I'd have gotten out of illinois as rapidly as possible. Providing jobs and tax money to a state that is diametrically opposed to the legal sale and use of your product... Dumb. Same reason as a consumer I don't buy things made in NY either.
And "not prepared to re-enter the workforce"? What the heck? Either you're able to work, or not. Move away from a socilist state, see if that helps.

Jacob B. 352 days ago

rebutal to rebutal

i have voted democrat most my life but i will not be from hense forth. the democrats are the ones who want to take our guns away, which means you will lose all your jobs if that happens. And if clinton gets in office, you can bet she will try and do just that

noname 352 days ago


How many continue to vote "Republican" there's where you start. What do expect from your Union the Law because of the above is no longer considerate of the working class. If it weber for your Union you would not have not received notice.
Together we bargain, divided we beg!

Robin Norris 353 days ago


When was the last time republicans controlled this state?

Perhaps it's not republicans that want to destroy the civilian market for the product produced at this plant...

Larry Birkner 353 days ago


Thompson, Edgar, Ryan those republicans sound familiar? Although when I say republican not so much at the State level but the Federal level. It wasn't the democrats who held one appointments to National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) these are the Federal officials who reslove these issues. Check with your Union. While there the NLRB is waiting for appointments the republicans are establishing law against the American Worker. You now like Right to Work..

Robin Norris 351 days ago

give it time

It will all be in Mississippi .

jeff nowaski 353 days ago

Layoffs and then forced overtime for the rest

When they are forcing 6 day work weeks for the ones left it makes one wonder why they are laying people off.

Tracy Hancock 353 days ago


Another big employer selling its employees down river! Greed, lack of integrity, lack of concern for those that made it a great company for over 100 years.

D Sheff 354 days ago