Local 7U team gets major league treat



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Thank you for you comment

Thank you for taking time to comment to the AdVantage. The information in the article did not single out Hartford residents by any means, as many of the people there were not from Hartford. On two occasions Molina was approached by fans during the game. I was asked by the coach to be there to take photos for them and for the newspaper. I did not take any photo of Molina or his son except those photos per their request (which was respectfully honored). The autograph that he offered to sign was signed 30 minutes prior to the game when I interviewed him in the parking lot. I did not stay after the team photos, (that were requested by the coaches) I immediately went home because my business was done. My children were at the park prior to Molina arriving because my daughter had softball practice at the same park with her team. She didn't come to the field I was working until the second game had started.
Once again, I did not speak ill of any Hartford residents. I did refer to people who were there as "brave fans" and "hungry fans" as they were. I do appreciate all feedback from readers. I work hard for our communities. I'm glad you commented to give me an opportunity to straighten out the facts first hand. Thanks again

Diane more than 1 year ago

Comment to Diane COx

You were totally off base in your comment about Hartford Residents at the ball game Yadier was at Thursday. The residents were respectful. You just happened to be in the area after the game get real no one is stupid enough to believe that I hope. A lot of folks would have liked a picture with him. They did not go to the dugout to be there after the game. Shame on you for talking bad about the residents of the town in their own park, and then doing what you did at the end.

Elizabeth more than 1 year ago

Respect.. Life lesson

To your article here thanks for the second half of it I was just telling people yesterday I got like 10 texts telling me Yadi was down there bc they know I'm a huge Cards fan but I knew why he was there so I wasn't gonna bother players seldom get days off just to go watch their kids play or just be normal I loved what u said about your daughter being humble and not wanting to bother him because I feel as though that's something every fan should understand and respect.

Tyler McCann more than 1 year ago