Quinn touts spending cuts; Republicans push back




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Our republican friends have decided to do what they do best, ignore reality and pretend the truth doesn't matter. The reality is Quinn has made the least painful changes which kept jobs and people working. When you listen to republicans they ignore that Illinois went into the recession in 2008 and if we had did what they want employment would have been decreased by 100's of thousands. They pretend that Illinois wasn't the LOWEST---LOWEST taxing state when the recession hit and those LOWEST in the midwest taxes didn't save us. Pretending that workers comp has anything to do with jobs is just fairy dust by the naysayer fairy, the very CONSERVATIVE Tax foundation rates Illinois right in the middle as far as business climate and regulation. They can pretend otherwise but we'd have to believe in those fairies to believe their silliness. Bruce Rauner has proposed cutting taxes on the richest businesses of the state and raising taxes on the poor and middle class. A sales or service tax is the most unfair tax there is to those who have the least as is the flat-tax in Illinois which is rated as the 3rd most unfair tax in America. You want to fix the budget and jobs, pass the Graduated tax, the low and middle class--the real job creators--get a tax cut and it fixes the economy now.

Bob Rice more than 2 years ago