Rally to support banned VAC superintendent

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Brad Lavite

Just returned from the rally supporting Major Brad Lavite. Those in attendance and those speaking were orderly, respectful, and eloquent. It has been a year now since that awful video was played on Facebook. The man that was on that video is not the man that I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with. This situation is terrible for him and for the Veterans who come to him seeking help. Has anyone actually tried to find a solution to the problem? One speaker said it is more than just Major Lavites' episode but is also about control of money.if this is true, shame on the County. Some common sense thoughts were talked about, convicted felons who can be violent are not prohibited from coming on to County property. I had the pleasure to meet Major Lavites mother and sister today and they are hurting as he is. With all of the so called wisdom of our elected officials, I would think that someone could come up with something to get him back to work in his office.

Rosalie Huebener 148 days ago