School consolidation issue awaits state decision



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Children in District

Mr Johansen I am offended by your comment saying that the SAVEOURSCHOOLS 2016 Group doesn't have the best interest of Children in mind. As a 14 year employee of EASD13, and the mother of two daughters 1. EAMS Grad in 2006 and EAWR Grad 2010 who went on to Graduate from SIU-C in 2015, (an extra year because she changed majors) and daughter 2. EAMS Grad 2010, and EAWR Grad 2014, who is now a Junior at SIUE in the Nursing Program. I feel plenty qualified to vote NO. The feeder districts have comparable test scores to other (unit) districts in the area, so my opinion is FIX the HIGH SCHOOL...Give us numbers and/or a plan on what will happen, not MAYBES. I care about the Quality of EVERY student and if it means I pay a bit more in taxes, then so be it. I suppose the people voting for the consolidation only want Lower taxes. And your speeches about it, make them believe just that.Give us a plan in writing, with numbers, and let the voters know ALL the FACTS not just what you want them to hear.

Caryl Sellars 197 days ago

Children in District

As a 14 year employee of EASD13, that had two daughters go through the system,I can truthfully say that the problem is the High School, not the feeder school. I might also add that my oldest daughter EAMS Grad year 2006 and EAWR Grad 2010 graduated from SIU-C in 2015, and my youngest daughter EAMS Grad year 2010 and EAWR Grad 2014 is now a Junior at SIUE in the Nursing Program. The Education is there, I am offended Mr. Johansen, by your comments. I say the Save Our School group has the Interest of all school children and not at all interested in lower taxes just to save a buck. Quality Education... it's at the grade school levels, the test scores have proven that each time. Make a plan then talk about Consolidation, don't just tell people it will be better, SHOW them How it will be better.

Caryl Sellars 197 days ago

Cooked numbers

"They can throw cooked numbers" Really, Chuck. Why don't you give us your "real" numbers? Tell us with decreased revenue and increased operating costs how a new district can survive. Give us a budget and tell the whole community what the numbers will be 5 years down the line.

Arthur Hoffman 199 days ago