Shimkus to seek re-election to Congress



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The guy just can't tell the truth

Back in 1995 he told us all he would only serve 3 terms which he then bumped that up to 5 terms after a few years which would have been at the most 2005. Here we are another 10 years later and there he goes again. John Shimkus is the consummate politician, he'll tell you any lie to get elected, then he'll go off on his wacky way until he needs another sound bite. Shimkus' video in Congress where he says global warming is fake (obviously he's another one of those not a scientist guys) and says his proof is the bible says so is classic craziness and should make anyone with common sense know we need someone with some kind of integrity and honesty in Congress. We won't even get into his failed involvement with the male interns being stalked and abused by the Florida republican Congressman where Shimkus was 100% responsible for the safety of these kids and failed. Shimkus was somewhat involved in the cover up and to quote Florida law enforcement officials they were unable to " pursue criminal charges as both "Congress and Mr. Foley denied us access to critical data", said FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. "" and Shimkus was the gate keeper.

Bob Rice more than 1 year ago