Speakers reveal heroin’s human toll




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try to stay positive Dollie

I grew up in rosewood with the girls and wanted to show some support. Hope you keep finding ways to help others.

DDP more than 1 year ago

My hate for heroin

I recently lost the father of my son/boyfriend to a heroin overdose. The pain and abandonment I feel is unbelievable. I tried so hard to be there, to be tough, to be positive. I gave him the resources, the phone numbers, the prayers and all the love i had. You never think it will happen to you. My heart is broken. This has to stop.

Kara Martin more than 2 years ago

Dollie Cooper

I lost my daughter to heroin March 30, 2014.. Since then I have been trying to find someway to speak out or help others, since I failed to help my own daughter...

Karla Lindsey more than 2 years ago

Karla Lindsey

You didn't fail Laura, Karla. Heroin is a demon all of it's own. You did all you knew how to do, you loved her.

Pam Myers more than 2 years ago

The Cooper Family

I was bestfriends with Tara and Iam also like a sister to Traci , same as Trisha , Dollie , Gred , and Mike , just very close to the whole family....So I've been through alot of heartache and pain when we lost both girls....I went down a dark road myself and in Halloween it will be two years I've been clean.I want to be there for Traci and be a friend she can do sober things with or just be there to listen...I love you all ,especially Thayde and Hailey!!! xoxo

Brittany Sherwood more than 2 years ago