State law bolsters gun trafficking penalties

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Failure to Launch.

The failure to understand, just keeps persisting.

Do you suppose while at it, we could prosecute those in possession of these illegal guns? You know, the guys SHOOTING people with them? You know, the laws ALREADY on the books? Too many times, prosecutors ignore the illegal gun and just focus on the murder case, or the rape with a gun case, etc. and don't prosecute perps on the GUN charges as well. Look, if a law is on the books, charge and prosecute them on it. Don't "lose" the gun charge just because you're confident you'll pin them on the murder charge. These guns are coming to these cities because people WANT them. These judicial folks make it look like some greasy dirtbag gives them a cab ride to the city, and they jump out and say "how do - take me home" as though it's a "plague" on the city, how about BUSTING HARD these folk IN THE CITY who are buying them up, most often for CRIMINAL use? It befuddles me as to how we have lost common sense and work ethic in this country...if we're not happy with something, a new law is written. Good Lord, we have over 400 gun laws on the Fed and State books already and enforcement stinks. Oh, and when our police DO enforce the law, then they're a bunch of facist racists. Sorry to say it folks, but the cute officious picture of a smiling Governor signing a new law into existence, it's worthless. It won't change a thing until you figure out a way to STOP people in the city from KILLING each other. How about decent education? Job training? Things that would actually help?? Too much work, right. Oh well, you reap what you sow.

God Bless America.

Frank Russell 180 days ago