Term-limits group running out of options




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Rauner is a right-wing extremist

Bruce Rauner and the radical right have decided that we aren't smart enough to term limit a politician by voting for someone else, when given a superior person to vote for. What they want is to wear our the middle class with their extremist agenda where only the most extreme of either party runs because of the constant attacks by the monied few. Bruce Rauner is a PRIME example. He out monied the more middle of the road republicans and now is attacking Quinn with his elitist monied friends. ONE GUY---ONE GUY has donated to Rauner over $2.5 MILLION by himself and Rauner has given his own campaign another $7.5 MILLION. They have literally thrown away more money than the average guy would EVER make in his entire life. Just these 2 billionaires have out spent EVERY campaign of any Governor in Illinois EVER and it is just August. Who thinks for a minute the average guy with good ideas would EVER have a chance to win against this kind of money. They are pushing democracy back to the French Revolution era where only the monied has any say on what we have, do, or say. Who for a second thinks the radical elitist rich know anything about living a middle class life, we can see with no argument, these 2 elitist don't. They don't have a clue and literally are attacking the middle class with their money..

Bob Rice more than 2 years ago