Time is now to get vaccinated for flu




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Time is now to get vaccinated for flu

"145 lab-confirmed influenza-associated pediatric deaths reported"
Fear mongering at it's worst. Shame on you. Influenza -associated deaths are not deaths from he flu as it is now a know fact that the CDC a death as Flu associated even if it's a fall down the stairs or a car accident-especially if the individual ha a virus. Two article that provide perspective:
Don't Believe Everything You Read About Flu Deaths:http://www.huffingtonpost(dot)ca/lawrence-solomon/death-by-influenza_b_4661442.html
- Flu deaths reality check Credibility of flu models disputed: http://www.cbc(dot)ca/m/touch/health/story/1.1127442.
FluMist is Influenza sprayed up a person's nose. .. (from manufacturers insert)
The FluMist influenza vaccine strains replicate in the nasopharynx and can be recovered and cultured from respiratory secretions of vaccinated individuals (shed).
The pattern and duration of shedding is important to understand because with prolonged shedding at high titer there is a theoretical risk of loss of attenuated phenotype, reassortment with wild-type influenza virus during influenza season, and transmission of vaccine virus to unvaccinated people, some of whom may be immunocompromised and/or at risk for complications of live viral infections. “

“additional shedding samples collected every 7 days ... though some individuals shed vaccine strain virus as late as day 28” "At least one vaccine strain was isolated from 80% of FluMist recipients; strains were recovered from 1-21 days
post vaccination"
"The duration of FluMist vaccine virus replication and shedding have not been established"
In other words, people who take FluMist become contagious with influenza.

The Flu shot also sheds for up to 28 days. Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Persons Can Shed and Transmit Influenza Virus
Both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons can be infected with and shed and
transmit influenza virus in respiratory secretions(Suess T., Remschmidt C, Schink S et al. Comparison of Shedding Characteristics of Seasonal Influenza Virus (Sub) Types and Influenza A (H1N1) pdm09; Germany, 2007-2011.PLOS One 2012; 7(12). and wild-type influenza virus has also been shed and identified in stool( Pinsky BA, Mix S, Rowe J et al.Long-term Shedding of Influenza A Virus in Stool of Immunocompromised Child. Emerg Infect Dis 2010; 16
(7)). Asymptomatic individuals can also transmit influenza virus.
If you red the vaccine vial inserts from the manufacturer what hey will tell you as far as reactions is this:
Reported moderate reactions to influenza vaccine include fever, local reactions (pain, redness, swelling at the site of the injection), headache, fatigue, sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, joint and muscle pain, and nausea.
What has just been described to you is a viral infection-not necessarily one of the influenza strains but a virus which you got from the vaccine. Read:http://www.nvic(dot)org/CMSTemplates/NVIC/pdf/Live-Virus-Vaccines-and-Vaccine-Shedding.pdf.

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