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All Played A Role

I'm a former employee of Olin. The cost to operate at this location was out of control. Between the high corporate taxes in Illinois, the high real estate taxes in Madison county, the exorbitant workers comp cost in Madison county and the unfriendly politics in Illinois to the firearms industry as a whole are all significant factors in making that decision. Vote your political heart, but be ready to accept the consequences. I chose to leave AFTER the union voted this down TWICE. I did not want to be a part of the begrudging attitude between "us and them" that was prevalent the entire time that I worked there. Don't get me wrong. There are some good people there. I liked most everyone that I worked with there. I enjoyed my job there because I felt it was a worthy cause in helping to preserve the security of our nation. The really sad thing is that the people who voted it down were in large the ones who felt their jobs would not be effected, i.e. shot shell and primer. They had no concern for their fellow employees' well-being. I will give credit to those who understood what was going on and voted accordingly. One particular case was a worker who was going to retire anyway, but the individual voted in favor of the contract to save the jobs of those who would continue on after his time there had ended. And let's not forget the union leader who opened the first meeting by yelling out "this is bullsh*t!" What a great way to start a civil conversation that impacted so many. The reason a second vote was offered is because many employees felt that they were cheated out of their voices being heard in the meeting or they could not hear to understand the discussions because of the chaos that this idiot, so called leader stirred up. Olin management graciously allowed a second vote in hopes that maybe a calmer approach would prevail. This should have been a clear indication that they really would have preferred to say put, but their hand was forced by the second vote. It is very sad that so many have been hurt by this, but there were choices made by many who caused this to happen. There is plenty of blame to go around. There are plenty who's conscience should be calling them out for the choices they made.

Greg more than 1 year ago

Moving to a great community

Most local folks have been led to believe that Oxford, MS is some kind of backwater hole inhabited by ignorant inbreeds. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Work ethic and quality will be there...in a beautiful historic community with a rich past and even brighter future. Oxford was the home of William Faulkner and today serves as a center of learning and literature....although this does not matter to those in East Alton, the wast majority of whom have never heard of William Faulkner. Many locals cling to a myth of regional superiority as some sort of birthright. Our area USED to be a special place with river, rail, pipeline access and skilled workers second to none. Those days are long gone, replaced with corruption, extortion and bad government.

Brad more than 2 years ago

Failure to Understand Business Dynamics

This is exactly what should happen in a globally competitive marketplace and Olin in made the right decision. Unfortunately the union failed to understand their own business and cost structure and essentially negotiated themselves out of their own jobs.

Dan more than 2 years ago

olin moving

Yes My husband and myself gave 70 years jointly to Olin. We have retired but feel that Olin soldout its workers in E Alton to greed and the quality of the product will never compare to work done by union members. Sad for the families. Olin should be ashamed by their actions.

deb more than 2 years ago


they let the union vote to keep the jobs here, they just wouldnt get a pay raised for 7 years (they were making $24 per hour to do non-skilled labor......the union voted it down not once...but TWICE...and the company was being "greedy" haha i dont see where they soldout anyone, i feel sorry for the ones that voted in favor of the contract, but its not Olin's fault that illinois is full of corrupt poloticians and greedy unions

Harry Johnson more than 2 years ago

greedy unions


ryan more than 2 years ago