Anita (Wilkins) Kissentaner

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Anita my Sweet and Loving Friend

I just am finding out that you are now home with Jesus! I am missing you so much!
Will see you again
Prayers going Up for Your Beautiful Daughter and Sisters/Family😇

Rita more than 1 year ago

Anita my Sweet and Loving Friend

Hi Ms Rita,

Thank you so much for your kindness and love. Yes ma'am, I am so sorry I just couldn't tell you she passed. It was so much going on then and I just kept thinking of your husband and grandkids the end of summer last year. I pray for your forgiveness and thankful you and her were so close and two of the same cloth ;*)

May The Heavenly Father Blessing You and Your Family Ms Rita

Nikki 🙂

Nikki 142 days ago