Staff Sgt. Christopher Alexander Wilbur

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Grateful Nation

It is so inadequate to say that we are a "Grateful Nation". There is no line in an Accounting Ledger that can quantify "Protection Provided" or "Terrorist Attacks Avoided". But we are safer because of American Heroes like Staff Sgt. Wilbur. Can someone stand in front of his wife and small children and hope to explain that any of this makes sense? But our Payers are with you all. If you are a person of faith, it is bedrock to believe that our Heavenly Father makes all things turn out for the good. The wisdom of man works against this tenant. We are a Grateful Nation. I am a grateful citizen. God Bless Sgt. Wilbur, his wife and children. And know that we are also asking for your forgiveness in our poor attempts to console you for this inconsolable loss.

Dennis Thomas 145 days ago