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Thanks Coach Joe

I will never forget playing softball for you. You encouraged us to do our best and go beyond what we thought we could do. Enjoy your retirement. Softball 1990-1992

Tonya Generally 224 days ago

Thanks Coach Hook

Coaches come and coaches go. That is an unfortunate truth in high school sports. What is more important is what Coach Hook was about. His dedication to AHS is second to none ! If there were a win loss record for that then Coach Hook would be in the elite circle of people who are educators. Even though things might not have went the way he wanted them to at times, he never wavered from his dedication for his career and the students at AHS during his time there. When someone is wrapped up in results on the football field especially if they have a son involved it is easy to overlook things other than win loss numbers. When everything is said and done and the players are finished with their high school career it becomes more than just a numbers game. What Coach Hook brought to the field was way more important than wins and losses. He was dedicated to each and every one of his players and coaches and his actions as a person proved that beyond a doubt. All you have to do is look back and remember how many functions you seen him at that had to do with the school. He was a constant for AHS and that is rare these days. A tip of the cap to you Coach Hook ! Your retirement is well deserved and I hope you will enjoy every minute of it. It will be very hard to replace a man like Coach Hook but he should go into retirement knowing AHS was a better place because of him and how he dedicated his life to that school. Job well done coach !

Gary Wooff 247 days ago


Congrats Coach Hook! You deserve so much happiness and praise! Thanks for making Alton great and dedicating so much to the Redbirds! You were always one of my favorties! -Bowling4dollars

Amber 248 days ago

Joe Hook

Congratulations Joe.

Bart McClain 248 days ago

Joe Hook

Way to go, Joe! Enjoy your retirement. You have earned it.

Amanda Marko 248 days ago

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