BOYS' BASKETBALL: Alton stumbles against Jacksonville



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I do believe this is Smith's 4th year in Alton. During that time I am yet to see a defensive or offensive scheme being executed on the floor. Not one time during his tenure have I heard him talk about a breakdown in his scheme or any technical breakdowns with his team. It's always we have to play harder, we have to run faster, we have to jump higher. Its never a scheme issue because there are no schemes. This is a party ship that's about to run aground. Carlos and Darius where the last group of kids to play organized basketball prior to middle school now it's going to show on the floor. Until Alton realizes that you have to have a basketball coach coaching basketball not a rah rah guy this thing is going to start looking like the final years of Mike Brey.

Deek Dotum more than 1 year ago

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