BOYS' BASKETBALL: Redbirds start season with 70-61 win over Northwest



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Garbage Time

The display of "basketball" Wednesday night was an abomination! Of course my fellow Altonians, most of whom wouldn't know good basketball if it hit them in the head, seemed fo enjoy watching trash. Can we run a play, have a defensive scheme or god forbid simply play unselfishly? Our A.D. and school personnel set there and watch as if this guy is coaching these kids the way they need to be coached. Why would I expect any better from the A.D. though, he's allowed this tournament to become a laughing stock. We have four stinking teams... four! Why waste the time turning the lights on for this? Since we obviously aren't going to put any effort into making the tournament a good one that attracts solid teams, we should just scrap it and play in a well ran one that someone else puts on. This tournament is like everything else Alton does, poorly administered and an embarrassment!

Deek Dotum more than 1 year ago

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