FOOTBALL: Alton falls to Collinsville, drops to 0-6



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My god!

My god! The apathy is appalling! The fact that no one here even cares enough to comment is downright sad, disappointing in fact! This school district is a direct reflection of the people in the community. Expect nothing, get nothing.

Deek Dotum 103 days ago

Do your best!

The coaching staff can only teach and the boys need to put that to good use. It does take team work and sometimes that is lacking. The good news is whether you are on a winning team or losing team, there are scouts out there watching. Four Seniors from last years team are now College football players. So, all you young men out there playing, do your best and it will take you places!

B Hodgson 104 days ago

Time for change

It is time for a change. From the A.D. down, there needs to be a change. There is absolutely no accountability in this program. Alton allowed Alderman to take the football coach/ AD job that wad paired together to be able to put a package together in order to make the job attractive to a good coach, to quit the coaching position and keep the AD job splitting it up again. Now we're stuck with Aldermans coaching recommendation. We have a guy who has never been a high school coach before, taking over one of, if not the toughest coaching job in the SWC! How does that happen? Alderman should have been made to give up the AD job when he decided that coaching was too much for him! This is judt another example of Alton allowing these good ole boys to pull the wool over their eyes. Alderman was too old for the job when they hired him, yet he smoozed enough people in a short time to allow them to let him split the job up again and hire a guy who has no chance to turn this program around. Alton, wake up. Our kids are getting the short end of the stick.

Deek Dotum 106 days ago

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