FOOTBALL: Lancers top Birds in the rain at Alton



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Here comes the constant stream of excuses. "We're a young team"... really! Have we been a young team for the past 20-plus years? Oh wait, my bad, we did make the playoffs a few times in between there, didn't we? Never won a playoff game and was blown out of every one of them but, we made it. That's the rallying cry for people who believe that one coach in particular was doing a great job. My belief is that you can sluff off one or two Bad seasons and say that we didn't have the athletes that other teams had, but when a school like Alton can't put it together for more than 20 years they are larger things at work. It starts at the top with the hiring of bad coaches and it goes all the way down to parents with a lack of knowledge and commitment. As a parent, I would never send my kids into that black hole of sports that Alton has. They would either be forced to figure it out and hire the right people or they wouldn't have any kids to compete with.

Deek Dotum 121 days ago

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