GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL: Oilers looking to improve in '15



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The tops are nice, but the shorts are way to short. No daughter of mine would be allowed to wear this uniform. What is the purpose of showing leg and half of their rear end? Is everything about sex now in school. The school is suppose to be setting an example, and this is ridiculous.

Larry more than 1 year ago


The chemical makeup of spandex allows it to be soft but durable at the same time. Chemical and Engineering News further reports that spandex fibers allow it to stretch up to 600 percent and return to its original shape. This is ideal for volleyball players who are constantly reaching, jumping and diving during games. The form-fitting quality not only provides privacy for athletes, but also does not break down from exposure to body oils, perspiration or sunscreen. Beyond the feel and durability of spandex garments, wearing them during sport keeps you comfortable. Spandex clothing is light and can wick away the sweat from your skin, which keeps you relatively dry and limits the risk of chafing, which can be distracting during your game of volleyball. With that being said I'm pretty sure the Oilers did just recently buy all brand new spandex 2 inches longer then the previous ones owned. When does it stop? Should we have our girls wear basketball shorts down to there ankles? It is not about sex unless your making it out to be.

J.W more than 1 year ago

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