FOOTBALL ROUNDUP: Alton falls big to O'Fallon



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Same old song

The fact is Alton's administration could care less about your son, a football team, a basketball team or any other athletic endeavor that your child has. What Alton cares about are their friends, making them happy, keeping them around and making sure that they retire with a good compensation package. How else could you explain the moves that they make either athletically or academically when it comes to promotions and administration. The fact that your child may have an opportunity to continue their education through athletics means absolutely nothing to them. They would have you believe that our athletes are not as good as those in the rest of the conference. I say go ask the other schools administration and secretly they would tell you that Alton athletes are as good as any ones.

Deek Dotum more than 1 year ago

where do they get these outdated coaches that has no idea of how to run a football program alton used to b great in football but its been bad for to long im embarrassed


lester ringor more than 1 year ago

Athletes of the Year Spring 2016