FOOTBALL: Warriors knock off Redbirds in Homecoming game



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I think it's time

Weather forced or not, Tungett had the decency to resign after his 0-9 season. I'm wondering if Dickerson will be upstanding enough to do the same. Our boys are suffering under bad leadership. For anyone who believes, "All Dickerson can do is show them what to do, he can't do it for them". If you've ever been around good coaching, and I understand that many of us here in Alton have not, you would understand how good coaches get the kids actually do what they're supposed to do when the games start. Anyone can go tell someone the right things to do and not have it transferred to the field. That's why it's called coaching. Dickerson may be a great guy he's just not a very good coach.

Deek Dotum 108 days ago

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